LOLgarda with its mountain guide Team will organise great days, for you, friends and family.

What is LOLgarda?

LOL expression of fun, but for us it is an abbreviation, acronym for Live Outdoor Life!!
With LOLgarda you can spend unforgettable days immersed in the beauty of Lake Garda, Trentino and the rest of the Alps; new adventures, trying the sport that fascinates you most.

Why LOLgarda?

You are followed by professional alpine guides who want to transmit you their passion with love and fun.

The only risk you run is to have lots of fun, LOLgarda the perfect choice for your memorable days in the nature of Ledro Valley, Garda Lake, Trentino.

News 2019
LOLgarda Canyoning & Outdoor centre

Come and visit our new Canyon and Outdoor centre where you can take part of canyon tours, rock climbing, trekking, compass and map challenges and lots more.

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