climbing, Dolomites and Sarca valley
"Dolomitiche" walls and climbing around Garda Lake

Climb the walls of Dolomite’s and Alps is something you can not compare.

With our alpine guides you will have the possibility to learn, know and discover this magnificent discipline. Through our accompaniments you can experience the magic of climbing walls that at first look seems inaccessible. We will help you learn how to climb and to venture on magnificent walls in total safety. The Dolomite offer many climbing routes of varying difficulty. For those who already have a little 'practice can try to do something more. The Dolomite, a UNESCO heritage seem specially created for our amusement. Nowadays there are in addition to countless classic routes also many sport routes. L.O.L., will accompany you to discover these beautiful places.

If you are a lover of adventure contact us, according to your needs and abilities with you we will create the most suitable output.
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