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is a collective term for various types of activities used to enhance social relations and define roles within teams, often involving collaborative tasks. It is distinct from team training, which is designed to improve the efficiency, rather than interpersonal relations.

Many team building exercises are intended to expose and address interpersonal problems within the group.

Why a team building?

Each company, however small or large has built a team that works side by side on a daily basis; in many cases making dynamic friendships or conflicts that can make this team weak or strong; A corporate team building is designed and structured to strengthen the team by making them better know each other. You create several challenges that with the cooperation of the various teams must be resolved. The activity encourages companies to think about the importance of working in pleasant relational contexts.

Every company should invest a little 'more on human resources because when you have a good working team certainly you will see the benefits.

There are many goals that team building can pursue, such as:

  • Stimulate and increase collaboration;
  • Create a climate of trust and respect between the companions;
  • Develop creativity, listening, empathy, motivation, cohesion, integration, leadership;
  • Know and recognize the mission and corporate values;
  • Evaluate and appreciate attitudes, skills, potential of individuals;
  • Remove bitterness and envy, always finding a positive aspect in all;
  • Aligning around goals
  • Building effective working relationships
  • Reducing team members’ role ambiguity
  • Finding solutions to team problems

With L.O.L you can enjoy unforgettable experiences and in the end you will be a real team.

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